Nenek Kebayan

Game "Nenek Kebayan" also called "Cari Cucu". It is usually played outside home in places quite roomy. It is sufficient that the home page of courts badminton. It is played by several number of people.
In this game there are two special songs. Handkerchief or cloth to cover the eye and needed a stick sticks as tools.

Determine "Nenek Kebayan"

Before the game started one of them should be a grandmother. To determine the grandmother then vote by Lalalitamplom should be conducted. Who among them has lost in the polls by then will be closed his eyes with a handkerchief or cloth to be a "Nenek Kebayan". A cane given to hold and act like an old lady who was blind.

Game "Cari Cucu"

All players make a circle holding hands around a "Nenek Kebayan" with each other. A rendition of "Nenek Kebayan" sung by mass.


Before the game started lots are drawn to decide who is going to be a grandmother. Who lost these votes will be crowned as "Nenek Kebayan" who would find her grandson. This game takes a handkerchief to turn a blind eye "Nenek Kebayan". If there is no handkerchief, shirt one player alone will do. Wood is also required to be made cane for "Nenek Kebayan". The song is sung is as follows:
Nenek, nenek, si bongkok tiga.
Siang mengantuk, malam berjaga.
Mencari cucu dimana berada.
Nenek kahwin dengan anak raja.

When grandchildren exhausted sing, then turn "Nenek Kebayan" singing.
Cucu, cucu tak dapat lari.
Nenek tua banyak sakti.
Sekarang nenek nak cari ganti.
Siapa yang kena, dia menjadi.

Having finished singing grandmother, grandson of silent sitting squat in the last place they turn earlier. "Nenek Kebayan" not know where her grandchildren and will be heading to a grandson and granddaughter holding the. Then grandmother guess who held him. If the guess is correct, then that player will be a grandmother in his place. If the guess is not accurate, then a grandmother character still be his and the game continues.


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