Galah Panjang

Galah panjang is a game traditionally played on a court drawn on the vacant land. Tennis made containing two columns and several rows depending on the number of players. Long pole ring is made according to the number of players playing long pole. For example if there are 10 players, tennis made consists of 4 lines. If the number of eight players, tennis long pole consists of 3 lines. The game involves the expertise of a chief or capital to control movement on behalf of the children of the control field. While the efficiency and speed tested to the ring to face. If the court has the discretion to face to face the court, then they can win easily.


  1.  Tennis long pole in sketch above ground space. The length and width depending on the painter line and the number of players. Often a long pole box measuring approximately 2 meters x 1.5 meters.
  2. After a selection is made, each group will perform the selection head. Chief of these two groups will vote who care and who are the tennis courts.
  3. After the determination, the group in charge of the court will keep the ring with treads upon lines drawn earlier. Chief will keep the center line and free go to any front or rear lines.
  4. Group attack will gather in front of the ring, the next chief will touch hands with opponent's head. Next, run to finish their entry into the ring.
  5. Guardians will keep an area not exceeding facer guarded line.
  6. Facer will cover most end up crossing the line without being touched by the keeper ring and then turned back.
  7. Victory is achieved when people who have crossed the line beyond the end of the start line. And the game continues until there are players who want to quit.


  • All the players will be considered off the attacking team if one of them is touched by a player defending team.
  • Attacking team player can not retreat back after crossing the line ring, it is assumed dead will cause change of teams.
  • Attacking team assumed dead if there are players out of the field lines.
  • Calculated the attacking team wins if one of his players to pass through all the lines to return to the starting line. One point is awarded to the team and the game will be re-activated.
  • Any team that can accumulate the highest points will be considered to win the match

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  1. thanks pretty ladies. well-written piece on a game whose info i was looking for! too bad it looks like it has ended :(