Ceper or "Tutup Botol" is a game based on the use of bottle cap 5 piece (now this can get from the soy sauce bottle cap). It is one of the traditional games often played in the children. Ceper is the popular games around 1970-1980.
This game usually involves two players and more. The way to play the game is determined by counting the number of successful ceper available during the weighing ceper.  A ceper will represent the two marks.


  1. Each person will weigh ceper (1 ceper represent 2 points). Player with higher point will start first. Ceper must be stacked overlapping (vertical) and placed on the hand.
  2. Then all the ceper was the measles and the opposing team will determine which ceper to be flipped.
  3. If the overlapping two, ceper is called chicken. While if the overlapping three it is called “jamban”, and overlapping four it is called flowers.
  4. Winners will be determined by the total number of ceper successfully weighed and will be calculated according to marks.


Rule No. 1
This game need five steel caps or ‘ceper’. Please press a little to make the steel caps easier to lob.

Rule No. 2
This game need more than one player to make this game more exciting and interesting.

Rule No. 3
Player determine the rotation by lob action. The player who lob the caps and get big number of caps get the advantage to start the game.
Rule No. 4
Player will spin the ceper to play. Make sure each piece of ceper is not overlap.
Rule No. 5
If the allocation meets the criteria of the rule, the game can be continue with take one of the ceper which are scattered.

Rule No. 6
If chosen have been made, the other player need to decide which ceper should be flipped.

Rule No. 7
If the player success, player need to lob the ceper to get point. Each player need to remember his own point and if the player cheating about his point, his point consider zero. Normally, this game need supporter to remember their point from any carelessness.

Rule No. 8
Player need to collect their point according to the condition. The criteria of stack that unbalance the point
  • Ayam : ceper overlapping two
  • Jamban : ceper overlapping three
  • Hujan/Ribut/Taufan : when someone bother

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