Hide and Seek

Hide-and-seek or hide-and-go-seek is a game in which a number of players conceal themselves in the environment, to be found by one seekers. In some places, it is called as "main ibu" or "main induk" or "petak kumpet" or "aci sorok". This game is one of the types of outdoor games. A tree or tall pole will be the places for the seeker to find another players that hidden from him.


  • To find the players who were hiding in somewhere. 
  • To spend our leisure time. 
  • To make a good relationship among friends and the players


  • Before starting the game, all players will choose one player of them that can be the seeker. 
  • They will make a voting by Lalalitamplom which carried by all players.


  1. The seeker will start counting from 1 to 100 or less with loudly. 
  2. After the count had been finished by the seeker, he or she will start looking for other players which hidden around the main places. 
  3. If the seeker had found one of the players, he or she has to mention the name of players loudly and followed by the mention the word of “ibu”. 
  4. The seeker must run to the main house and touch the main house for the purpose of avoiding the discovered players to touch the main house. 
  5. The seeker will continue to seek another players until had found them completely. 
  6. After all the players have been found by the seeker and no one of the players had touched the main house, then the first discovered players will be the new seeker.


  1. Once the seeker has determined by the players, the seeker should stand up to close his eyes at the main house. 
  2. If there are players who are hiding at the outside from the main places, they will be the new seeker and must take the role as the seeker.
  3. If another player has opportunity to touch the main house, then the seeker will be the seeker again and the game will be restarted. 
  4. Such things can also happen when one of the players has touched the main house by mention the word of “ibu”, then the game will be restarted and the seeker will implement its role again.

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