Konda-kondi is one of the traditional game. This game is one of the creations of the Malay community in the old days as a way to entertain and have fun after a long work.In Indian society, it is called 'Kaunda kaundi'. Konda-kondi is a small game hitting with long wooden sticks. Konda-kondi also known as "Perik Mata" requires a sharp mind and strength of the players, when thinking in a safe direction to scrape wood and wood chase dikuis to disable the opponent's side. Konda-kondi game is one of the simple and fun game. 
There are a lot of version of playing this game. Different states or different town boys and girls have their own set of ways to enjoy them with a different set of rules that goes along with it.


  • Two stick different sizes (wood stick or pipe stick or steel pipe)
  • —A hole 
  • People who play the game 
  • A team


  1. This game requires a minimum of two players; it's a wonderful pastime for couples who want to spend time in the park without being booked for close proximity. However, it will be best if we play in the big group. To play this game, we should divided into two groups. 
  2. Need two sticks of equal length, about 8 to 12 inches long. —One stick will function as a projectile, and the other is a bat to launch said projectile.
  3. —Dig a hole. If you are in a location where hole-digging is not possible, seek an indent in the ground. 
  4. Decide which team will be batting first. From this starting team, choose a single member to begin. Said member will wield the batting stick.
  5. The batting player hooks his/her batting stick under the projectile stick and flicks it up as far as possible. The opposing team must scramble to catch the projectile stick before it hits the ground. 
  6. —If the opposing team manages to catch the projectile stick, the batting team loses its turn and the teams switch roles.


During the game, if it can be caught short stick by anyone in the group B, so players flicking short wood treated 'dead'. If a player in the group B managed to catch a short stick with using only one arm, all players in the group A treated 'off' and Group B will start the game anyway. If the opponent's side successfully throw a short stick into the hole, the player flicking a short lumber treated 'off' and had to stop the game, other players from the same team, the next player will continue the game.